X900 printers and second print

Hi Kjersti

Sorry to hear you are still having problems.
I do the QTR driver software but Piezography inks company is separate.

I haven’t had any troubles nor heard of any with QTR driver and High Sierra. I use High Sierra on my Mac.

An issue with paper feeding – i.e. roll, sheet, manual – is usually due to not selecting the correct Paper Feed
in the print dialog. QTR driver is different than Epson driver in that Paper Feed is a selection on the Print
dialog not on the Paper Size selection (Page Setup). This has to agree with where you put the paper and
I think also on the 4900 panel. (I don’t have a 4900).

The issue of printing a second pass through the printer can be a problem. With the x900 printer series it
appears that the printer has an optical sensor that thinks the paper has run out or something like that.
There does not seem to be anyway to disable this. Note that you can disable the Check Paper Size on the
front panel but I don’t think that affects the Paper Has Run Out problem. This workflow for photo papers
is a Piezo particular method. It worked well with older printers but problems showed up with the x900 series.
From Epson’s point of view this is non-standard workflow so not considered a problem (actually a feature).

We did get it working on the x900 (wide formats larger than 17). This post is on community.inkjetmall.com forum for the instructions, and I believe on the 4900 too but I have to go back to notes and the printer itself because I do not believe it was written into the instructions before I arrived.

I’ve been making ink all day in the clean rm. To it in the morning (gotta pull the 49 from storage).


When I bought the Piezography I asked several times about printer types, what would work with Piezography, I was even in contact with Jon Cone who gava advice. Never was I told about this issue - before this honest answer from Roy - thank you! Walker: please have some sleep and get back to me. If impossible to print other than on MATTE paper, you should inform customers about this - before purchase and not let them go through all the work I have put into this. With no result - so far, except printing on matte paper, which is ok, but not what advertising promised.

I agree. I’m a little pissed off that I missed this and that we’ve been selling gloss systems for this printer. I instituted a full review of our supported systems when I came to work here because I had gotten a little peeved as a customer (myself) about these types of things, but this printer did not get a full review. You would be amazed at the variation of products and printers we support here . . . much more than epson who only has to support a single ink set on currently sold printer models . . .

I will look into it. You may still have to put it in sheet mode btw. But prints cut out of a roll can be run through a printer as sheets without issue. (this has to be done for ALL our gloss second pass printing on ALL piezo printers: sheet mode.)