X-Rite DTP70 Spectrophotometer

Hi, i have just managed to lay my hands on one of these for a good price, I know it is an old model, but is supported by the Professional Edition and can’t be spending the big buck on a spectrophotometer at the moment.

I use Macs and from what I can find the software support has ended for recent versions of OSX, ColorPort 205 being the latest.

Any advice on getting this up and running?


ColorPort works with the most recent OS X. It will ask you to download a slightly older java package, that’s all.

We use a DTP70 and ColorPort at Cone Editions Press. It’s a very good machine.


Good to here, any advice on ensuring it is working correctly?

Do you use the DTP70 for developing colour ICC profiles. If so, what software do you recommend?

Did it come with the calibration strip? You should/might need that. Colorport will request a calibration done before doing a reading.

I have a DTP 70 that I acquired recently. It works well with Colorport and has never asked for a calibration strip.I am using Yosemite. It does exhibit some strange behaviours with colour targets. I would suggest scrambling patches and using a 9.5 to 10 mm patch size. I still have an I1P2 and io so can’t really comment on using it for 21x4 targets.

Have not yet received it yet, should be here in couple of days, will check and see if it has a calibration strip.


Ok got this connected on my workstation, printed the Piezography-21step-DTP70.tif on epson enhanced matte using the Hahn Photo Rag curve (recommend) and got a reading :slight_smile:

Take i will have to buy the pro package/subscription to be able to do any profiling with it?

that’s a super light L* value. It should be in the 15-16 range for the old MK and the 12.4-13.5 range for the new MK.

Are you using PK?


The ink is special edition matt in epson 1500w (1430)

Matte black code is


The droplets still work on DTP output so you don’t really need to buy anything else. I would use a 21x4 rather than a single 21 step. It’s easy enough to do with Colorport.

DTP70 auto-calibrated when you hit the green button.


DTP-70 and colorport for reading.

Then just use i1Profiler to build the ICCs.


One other thing that you need to know about the DTP 70 is that the lever that switches the UV filter in and out is very fragile. I managed to break mind, and you can’t fix it.

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Ok thanks for info.

I have now received the dpt70, just need to find some time to get it set up and have a play.

Thanks Walker. Colorport looks good for creating and reading targets. Can you recommend alternate software to i1Profiler?

I have also been looking for such a solution, did try the trial of dropRgb with output from colorport, though it is a bit expensive.

I would only want I1profile for printer profile, but have not worked out how to a license, though suspect it will be more expensive then dropRgb.

Hi Walker. I have been using my DTP-70 and am having some success with generating profiles with ArgyllCMS. However, I have gained access to an i1Pro Photo V2 and consequently have access to I1Profiler. Your elegantly simple advice to use “DTP=70 and ColorPort for reading. Then just use i1Profiler to build the ICCs.” is eluding me. Colorport has a lot of options for saving data. Grateful if you could recommend one. And it isn’t clear to me how to use the ColorPort output file with i1Profiler. Some suggestions would be gratefully received. Cheers. Rob

Used i1ProV2 spectros sometimes come licensed for i1Profiler.

It is expensive. There are different tiers, the RGB basic license is the lower cost one.


I am interested in your experience with basICColor dropRGB. My DTP70 is still in transit and dropRGB seemed like a possible option. i1Publish is listed at B&H for $1299 outright and $859 as an upgrade. Grateful for comments on dropRGB. I expect that Walker’s advice is right that the i1Publish route will give the best results. Although i1Publish is expensive, so are good quality profiles. My aim was to have options on using different papers and inks so, over a couple of years, this should be a good investment.