X_Rite DTP70 error 'Correct UV setting couldn't be verified <48>' - requires firmware patch

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help please?

My DTP70 is returning an error as above - well it has been for a year or so, but with infrequent use and failing to get anywhere when it first happened I’m back on the trail of attempting to get it sorted.

The DTP70 is used with my RIP software on a Windows XP machine that sits on its own and has never been updated, so why this error has occurred I’m not sure (everything else works just fine). I found on X-Rites website that this error can occur sometimes when using 3rd party software and they offer a link to obtain a patch to upgrade the firmware, however the link is broken. I’ve spoken to X-Rite a couple of times now but because ‘it’s unsupported’ now are unable to help.

Finding this firmware patch could save me from having to scrap what is otherwise a perfectly good scanner.

On the off chance does anybody here have any recent updates?

My firmware version says : EC16 Addin version G731


Use ColorPort 2.0.5 on Mac/Windows and it should work.


Thanks Walker.

You’re correct, using Colorport to scan a target and the DTP70 works just fine. The problem is I need it to scan from within a 3rd party software such as GMG Colorproof (where Colorproof initiates the scan). I believe this is where the illusive firmware patch comes in.

I’ve tried rolling back and re-installing drivers to no avail. I presume, like me, if users don’t scan from within 3rd party software, this won’t be an issue for them.