WTB Epson P800 Roll Media Adapter

I am looking to purchase a roll media adapter for my P800 but I can’t seem to find one. There are third party options that sit freestanding behind the printer available on eBay for ~$280. This seems ok, but not the route I’d like to go. Does anyone have one for sale?

I also found plans/schematics to 3D print one but I don’t have access to a 3D printer. The author says it cost him ~$50 in parts. This seems like an ideal solution.

I did find services available that will print the parts and mail them to me but it ends up being ~$425. This doesn’t seem like a good option.

TL;DR does anyone have a p800 roll adapter for sale or a 3D printer that they are willing to use to print the parts for me? I’d gladly pay.

Just in case anyone else happens across this post looking for a P800 roll adapter I thought I’d update it with more info…I ultimately found a company to produce the parts for me using https://craftcloud3d.com cost $67 including shipping.

The 3D files to be printed are freely available at Epson SureColor P800 Roll Media Adapter by TheBender - Thingiverse

The bearings are 6805 37mm OD, 25mm ID, 7mm width. I bought a 10 pack though you only need 2. Feel free to message me and I will mail them to you for free if I can

The tubing is 500mm long 19mm OD carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Tube/Roll Pipe 3K 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 X 500mm US | eBay

Good luck!

Email me if you need more info zak@zakzavada.com

I think this would also do the trick.

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