Wrong mapping of 3800 refillable cartridges



My epson 3800 has been sitting a few months filled with Piezoflush. Yesterday I installed a fresh set of refillable cartridges with K7 “Special Edition” inks. The first test print showed a massive solarization effect, as if the lightest ink had been replaced with a dark one. I checked with the Calibration target that comes with QTR; The four darkest positions seem ok, but where the yellow cartridge should print with light ink, I get very dark patches, even the position filled with GO also shows a gradation of dark boxes !
Before I put the original cartridges back in (and loose more precious ink), I wanted to ask on this forum if any of you experienced a similar situation, or how you would proceed to track the failure.
I am considering every option, from having filled with the wrong ink shades to a firmware bug…



We can sort you out. Two questions to start…

  1. Please tell me what shade of Piezo ink you put in what color position cartridge for all cartridges.

  2. Please tell me the name of the curve you used to print when you saw the solorization.