Wrong ink in the cart

I screwed up and put Cyan in the Lt Cyan cart (Epson 3800-using Inkjet Mall inks). The results are pretty nasty. Can I get some advice as to how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

That can happen!

Unfortunately the ink that is inside the LT Cyan cart will never be light enough to function as a Lt Cyan. You could remove the fill hole plug and draw out the ink and put it in the drain (non-toxic and you do not want to reuse it) - or give it to an artist as an excellent and strong drawing ink.

Take a syringe and suck the ink out of the cart.

Now - some Cyan in a Lt Cyan cart will darken the Lt Cyan when you put it in. So - maybe the best thing to do after it is empty(ish) is to put some distilled water (NOT TAP) inside the cart and shake it and then drain that out. A few drops of distilled water in Lt Cyan ink would not be as bad as a few drops of Cyan ink in Lt Cyan.

Hope this helps you!

sounds great, I’ll get right on it. thank you

and in the possibility that you have a spare unused 3880 refill cart of ours - you could put both the OEM and the Control Chip from the LC cart onto the spare and put a new LC label on it - and just get started that way as well. Never a bad idea to have a spare cart or two.

Perhaps one more question. Do you think a power clean after your directions would be necessary? Again thanks.

That is so important! It will take a minimum of THREE for the Power Cleans to move the fresh ink through the print lines and into the print head.

Alternatively you could push out a single channel using QTR

see here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?166-Flush-individual-channel-using-QTR-Calibration-Mode