Wrong ink in cart--but which one?

I’m just starting out with Piezo and am running into a few problems–but I think I have found a major issue. I seem to have installed the wrong ink into one or more carts. I thought I was being careful but…

I printed out the “inkseparation” file as instructed here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?144-Print-Ink-Separation-Image-thru-QTR-Calibration-Mode

I’m running a 3880. My “Light Magenta” and “Light Black” look identical. By matching up the tones it seems I have the wrong ink in the “Light Black” slot. Problem is, the ink that should go in there is Shade 6 and my Shade 6 bottle is not full–it appears a cartful of ink has been drawn out of it. Or maybe it came in a little low? I don’t want to start a guessing game with emptying and refilling carts, nor do i want to empty them all and start again. :slight_smile:

Can you tell what is going on by my inkseparation printout? (The ink dots are straight from the bottle. Ignore the huge ink blob–my cat thoughtI was playing…)





(P.S. I posted a note earlier in the “inseparation” article post. That was before I discovered the wrong ink issue.)

Hi Darin~

I apologize for not responding sooner, we have been working with artists in our studio over the past few weeks, therefore I haven’t been on my computer as much as usual.

After reviewing your attachments and order history, and comparing your prints to mine made with Piezography Neutral inks (from what I can see from your attachments), I believe your shade 6 ink in the LK channel is slightly too dark. There looks to be about the same slight difference in the shade 5 and 6 ink drops as there is in the Ink Separation printout, so I am curious about your shade 6 ink, and would like to evaluate it. I see you just purchased more shade 6 ink, do you plan to use the new ink in place of the shade 6 you currently have? If so, please send your current bottle of Neutral shade 6 ink to the address below for me to test.

Please let me know if you have questions, need assistance in changing ink in this line, how things look after changing this ink, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

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