Would you recommend a P-7000 or going to older printer?

I have a 4900. It is a love hate relationship. I love it when it is clog free, and hate it when it clogs, which is about an annual thing for me in the spring, despite watching humidity, etc. It takes a Piezoflush routine to fully clear it. I am looking to get a 24" printer to expand my printing capabilities, with the move to much more printing in the coming year. What would anybody recommend? Is anyone happy with the P-7000 and the scheduled head maintenance? Would you go old school and look for a 78XX model? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Bill Bogle, Jr.

People are already having P7000 clogs. I don’t think anything has changed and also it’s going to be awhile until we can come out with ink/carts for these printers so you’ll be back to the 30% wasted ink/money issue.

The 7880 is a real workhorse beast. I recommend it


Would the same be said of the 7890 with the newer ink set? Its either that or a Canon for me I guess.

Hi Bill.

If you are considering using a 7890 for Piezography be aware that you will not be able to print on anything other than matte as GO is a no go on this model.



It seems that the 7890 would also have the same head issues as the 7900, which is not a good thing. I guess it is either a used 7880 or 7800, or Canon. BTW, has anyone commented on how Epson is now offering its warranties to the new P-series printers? It is platinum and silver, but it automatically includes a head replacement, and the price has jumped. I guess they know they will be replacing heads in the future. Not the best business model IMHO.

FYI. We are working on Piezography Pro system right now (simultaneous GO + split K4 quad warm/cool) but it’s a bit of ways out for the x9 models.


[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;10823]FYI. We are working on Piezography Pro system right now (simultaneous GO + split K4 quad warm/cool) but it’s a bit of ways out for the x9 models.


I have a well-maintained 7900 in otherwise excellent condition but with a dead Green channel in the head. I currently have Piezoflush in the Orange and Green positions and the printer is usable as a 7890 (8-color) and of course can still do Epson ABW. I’ve just moved up to a new Epson P9000 for printing for my clients, but the new Piezography Pro system I’ve been reading about has piqued my interest for possible use with the 7900 and my own work. In the past I’ve looked at Piezography for the 7900 but decided against it for a number of reasons, e.g. difficulties handling the GO, etc. I need to decide soon what I’m going to do with the 7900 (keep it or sell/junk it) so I have a few questions:

  1. What is your latest expected release date for Piezography Pro for the 7900?
  2. I’ve read that the GO will not require a separate pass in the new system. Does this eliminate the GO problem on the x900?
  3. What configurations will be possible with my 10 good ink channels (9 head channels)? K7, K6, K? matte/glossy? split options? etc. (It would be nice if you had a table summarizing all the options which will be possible for each printer.)
  4. Would I be able to re-use my existing Orange and Green refillable carts (from IJM) with the new system (assuming a good cleaning of course to remove the PF)?