Working on Piezography Uncoated (thin paper) curves

Hey everyone. I’ve been working hard on Piezography Pro (dual K5) uncoated paper curves.

I’ve come up with some beta curves for Awagami’s new 30gsm Washi paper. This paper is really unique. It’s basically see-through but has a really tough structure and it actually takes ink really really well. With UltraHD-MK you get a dMax of around 1.63 on this paper which is crazy for an uncoated paper that is only 30gsm.

These curves are severely limited in every part but the darkest shadows. They are a good starting point for any uncoated paper.

When they are good and tested and I’ve added them to the Community Edition, we’ll do a blog post and an email updating people. All of this is in the few ounces of time that I have between more pressing matters so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to uncoated curves like this for K7/P2 and K4 Pro, but I’ll get to it eventually.

For now, (and for those who are running 49,79,9900 Pro ink) here’s the Warm, Neutral, and Cool Uncoated Awagami Washi 30gsm curves. (9.7 KB)


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Great thank you. Walker.

Big ups! This is my jam.

Hi Walker

Just wondering how this project is progressing? Can we expect Piezpgraphy Pro curves for this paper using an Epson 4880?

Thank you,


Update: Here they are. Just finished today actually.

I will put them in the next release of the Community Edition.

The uncoated ones in there are for any paper that is uncoated, the “AJIP” ones are for coated Awagami Inkjet papers.

They are masters. (16.8 KB)

Smoothed versions of the x900s. (10.9 KB)