Working on head, dampers on Pro printers 17in+: tip for handling ink spillage

Hi all

I’ve just flushed with PiezoFlush, replaced the dampers and performed a print head scrub on my 7880, clearing the completely blocked M channel and saving the cost of a new print head (with is what the local service company suggested). Happy with that!

While I was working, I came up with this idea to prevent ink from getting into the paper path while the supply lines to the head are disconnected.

Cut a piece of thin plastic to the width of a sheet of A4 paper (or as wide as you want), and about 24-30 inches in length. I used a white bin liner, because the plastic is super thin – and white. Tape a sheet of A4 paper (or as wide as your plastic) to one end. With the Pressure Lever in the released position, feed the paper right through the paper path so it draws the plastic through. Tape the top of the plastic above the paper feed path to hold it in place; the A4 paper should be hanging below the bottom of the printer.

You can now easily see and clean up any spillage while you’re working, and you can still perform a head scrub; the plastic is so thin that it doesn’t contact the print head.

Clean up any ink you see on the plastic before you remove it, to prevent accidental transfer inside the paper path.

Happy printing!

Nick G

Hi Nick~

Thanks for the tip, and I’m glad to hear your printer is clean and back to working well again!

I do something similar, and place a few paper towels under the bottom lip of the print head case as shown below.
There should be very little ink dripping when dampers are disconnected from the ink lines, provided you open the cartridge locking levers to stop ink flow (otherwise, ink will easily drip out).

Best regards and happy printing (again)~ Dana :slight_smile:

There you go.

I came up with the plastic idea because I wanted to leave a PF-moistened pad under the head for a few hours, and wanted to prevent any PF contamination of the paper path. But plastic or paper towel, it’s a good idea.