Working Digital Negative Piezo Epson 3880 For Sale

Selling a working Epson Stylus 3880. Very clean condition. I haven’t run the printer in several years so it will likely need a flush. Machine does power, runs through cleaning cycle and shows no errors. Page counter reads . Last time used all nozzles were functioning and no mechanical issues. Printer comes with full set of cartridges. I was using this to make digital negatives for pt/pd printing. Includes TUMI printer cover. Asking $650 plus cost of shipping.

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Reducing price to $250, buyer pays shipping.

What part of the World are you in?

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USA San Diego California (Zip Code 92120)

Any idea what the shipping cost would be for Madison, WI?

Hi, I’m on a hike (pacific crest trail) currently until tail end of August. I’ll reach out once I’m back home to see if your still interested. Thanks

OK; we should still be interested! Sounds like a great adventure - have fun!

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Estimated shipping with UPS Ground is showing $112 (36"x 24" x 15") 40lbs. Let me know.

Hi chrismark,

Cool; wasn’t expecting to hear from you until August.

Just to be sure we are on the same page, does this include a full set of cartridges for making PiezoDN? or is it just a full set of color cartridges? If PiezoDN, which Piezography ink set is it (e.g., K7 neutral tone, selenium tone, carbon tone, etc.)?

Thanks for checking on the shipping price; that looks good.

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The printer includes the full set of PiezoDN cartridges as well as a set of flush cartridges. The inkset is Selenium (e.g. PZK7-SEL-110-4, PZK7-SEL-110-3, etc.). Can provide photos of anything you would like to have a closer look at.

Great! Thanks for the details.
I spoke with one of our members last night who is interested in Piezography and is pretty excited. Our only concern is shipping; we’ve both seen some pretty ugly parcels arrive these days! Will it be packed with the original shipping materials? Apparently there is some Epson guidance for securing the carriage, etc. Not sure what you have planned on your end and we’d hate to see it arrive damaged. I’ll be meeting with others this evening and will get back to you after that.

I dont have the original box for shipping, but I have confidence in my packing ability and would refer to whatever guidance Epson provides.

Sounds good. We have a deal!
Please send an email to and we can work out the payment and shipping details outside of this public forum.