Workflow for ink limiting


Can anybody help point me to guidance on ink limiting workflow?

I’m testing with various white matte papers and I’ve started to run into issues on the thinner end of things (110gsm ish) where papers are warp and lose their flatness due to the ink load.

I can see that there are ink limiting functions in both QTR settings and in piezography pro excel sheet. But I haven’t been able to find out anything about the difference in application or effect of them, nor any workflow examples.

I am guessing that limiting ink will interact with curve creation as one iterates through, but I can’t think how. For example, from the manual it is clear that channel curve smoothing is something to be applied on the initial curve and is then is baked in such that no smoothing need be applied to subsequent curve iterations. Does

I have tried limiting ink in QTR by -10%, -20%, -30%,-40% increments. The paper starts to keep its shape/flatness around the 30-40% mark, however by this stage the print is losing a lot of its ‘punch’ as it were.

Help much appreciated.

My set up is Mac OS X 11.7.3 // Print Tool 2.3.4 // QTR 2.8.2 // Epson 3880 Piezography Pro installed.

ps. was going to post this in ‘Piezography Inks & Printing’ but I’m not allowed to for some reason.

solution at Workflow for ink limiting - Piezography Professional Tools - Piezography Premium Support Forum