Worked for me - resetting the 9900 waste tank (with a 9800)

Ohh wasted a couple of days on this

Resetting the 9900 waste cart:

if it falls below 15% it seems impossible to get it to reset

but what worked for me was a reset using the x800 chip resetter
and then I had to place the cart in an 9800 (or i assume a 7800 would work too)
and then the chip had to register some use…
(a cleaning cycle or a few prints would do)

then when I move the waste cart back to the 9900 the waste tank was at 99% and I was good to go

hope that helps somebody out there



Funny, I found exactly the same solution yesterday :slight_smile: but it’s important to print “with it” before to use it again on x900 otherwise you’ll get error on the x900.