Wondering what this printing artefact is

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can identify the patterning I’m seeing in the black ink on this print. It was a very large print done on an Epson SureColor P8000. It didn’t look like many examples of banding that I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure I used the wrong ICC profile (I used one for a specific Canson matte paper, and this is a different Canson semi-gloss paper). I’ve been doing nozzle checks and head cleanings both before and after printing this image and they’ve come out perfectly, although a recent effort to print on some cheap thin paper resulted in an error warning that suggested I do a head cleaning. Hope this link works…

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to embed the image into this message…
The link is: Photo-with-black-ink-issues — ImgBB

This is a nozzle out in either LK or PK. Do a nozzle check and cleaning(s)!


Nozzle checks are 100% good. Have re-cleaned. Hoping things are good - will try to print later. Appreciate your help.