Wiper blade stuck next to capping station (Espon SP 4000)


I’ve got an issue with my Epson 4000 that I’m hoping someone can help with. The wiper blade has come forward and gotten stuck next to the capping station and flush box, and won’t return back.

This seems to have happened after I cleaned the flushing box. When I started printing I heard a noise, realised the flushing box was slightly misaligned, and then fixed it. But this seems to have then caused the wiper blade to stay forward.
It can be shifted back, but once printing starts again, the wiper comes forward again and stays put.

Just wondering whether I can take the side off and fix this or whether I’m now up for a whole new assembly? Any thoughts very welcome!


Most likely you can fix it but it will require some dis-assembly.

I’m PMing you the service manual.



Walker is right about requiring disassembly. You will need to take off the right side panel and possibly the rear panel to get at the wiper mechanism from the rear. Most likely the gearing for the wiper is out of sync and you will need to adjust the gearing to get the wiper system back in sync. Should not be too difficult, as Walker sent you the service manual.



Thanks so much Walker, I appreciate it. It’s worth a shot!




Cheers Bob, I’ll give it a go.