Wiper blade replacement - R3000

Can the wiper blade on an Epson R3000 be replaced? If so, how would one know if it needed replacing? Should the edge be smooth? Mine seems to be fairly rough.

My printer sees heavy use - nearly every day, and approx. 4000 prints through it in two years.



I have never replaced the wiper on our R3000, and I don’t see instructions for this in the repair manual (they want you to replace the whole pump cap assembly, with wiper blade attached), but expect it’s possible if you can source a replacement wiper. I’ll go check out our R3000 and let you know what I think/see after that.

~Dana :slight_smile:

It looks like the wiper blade can be easily replaced (it’s held in place with two small plastic tabs at the bottom). It’s very similar, but not exactly the same as wiper blades we have for pro model printers. You may be able to find the correct replacement wiper blade online, from a Chinese manufacturer (?)

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: