Will maintenance cart of 3800 work in a p800?

Since my 3800 died, I have purchased a p800. Is the p800 maintenance cart resettable with the same chip resetter used in the 3800? I assume the maintenance carts are interchangeable.

Yes, with the caveat that you still need to do the double maintenance tank procedure as listed in the instructions (and also you have to reset the MT tank before it reads completely full of ink.)


This is a possible alternate for the waste tank reuse on the 3880 using only one tank. It is working for me on my 3880 and I have done it several times.
The usual removal, opening, replacing the absorbing material with new absorbent matter.
1 reset the maintenance tank (MT) chip with the chip resetter
2 remove the MT chip and replace with a spare original ink cart chip. ( I have been using a spare original cyan cart chip, but any other will probably work).
3 With the “cyan” chip on the WT, place it back in the printer , close the door etc and you then get an “error”.
4 Take out the WT and replace the “cyan” chip with the original “reset” one. Close up etc and there will be no "error message.
5 Put the “cyan” chip aside for future WT resettings.
PS To hold the chip in place I use a little bit of gummy material from a one sided tape. Whatever works…


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Great tip @MartinAS!