Will current Epson update 2.19 on Mac prevent 3rd party cartridges from working?

I have read a little bit about Epson’s firmware updates preventing aftermarket cartridges from working. My experience with Epson has only been with “normal” driver updates. Owning an Artisan 1430, my question is will the current update for the Mac render my Inkjet Mall cartridges useless? Are firmware updates included in the general software update?

We’re looking into it now, after hearing a few reports that the latest firmwares make third-party carts stop working…
In my experience, I have only updated firmware versions with Pro model printers, not desktop printers. For Pro model printers, the firmware is separate from the print driver, but one user reported the firmware was included in a new driver update, so it may be different for desktop model printers (or, Epson may have changed the way they do things).

I recommend not installing the firmware update right now, and wait for feedback from us after we’ve tested. If it’s working well, then it’s safe to stay as-is unless there’s a good reason to update.

If I don’t post an update directly on this thread, please keep an eye on our website and newsletters for additional information.

Warmly~ Dana

Dana, I realize that this is a very old thread, but I am hoping that you can help. In the thread you state that “firmware is separate from the print driver”, at least on Pro models. My Epson P400 is a desktop model and I want to update the driver, but have concerns about bricking the printer. Do you remember if you were able to come up with any information on whether firmware is or may be included in driver updates? I’m looking to update to driver 12.62 on my Mac.

Whenever you download a new driver just make sure you are not downloading the “combo” driver. It will say “combo” in the link so just make sure it does not say that and you are ok.


Walker, thanks for your input, I do recall hearing about the Combo updates before, though I know how aggressive Epson is in this area and it makes me think before I act. I will follow through with the update tomorrow, if anyone has a different point I would appreciate hearing from you.

Have you done this update and did it work (i.e. not brick the printer)? I have a P600 that I need to update the driver to version 12.62. I downloaded only the driver, not the combo package, but haven’t installed it yet.

John, I did the update and did not encounter any issues, my P400 is humming along nicely.

Walter suggested that I just do the nozzle check from the control panel. I tried it on both my P600 and 3880 and it was simple and easy to do. Head cleanings can also be done for both printers from the control panel. So since the old drivers work fine on both printers, I decided not to bother installing the new ones.