"Wiggle Test" the carts in case of an ink cart error message

After a refill of several carts in the 3880, once I closed the lid two showed up on the LCD with an X through them. Some cart error message to.

I found if I wiggled those X-boxed carts on the LCD up and down when sticking out of the printer, the boxed ones with the X would disappear and re-appear on wiggling them. Seems they don’t make solid contact with the gold connectors above the chips in the printer.

I found some scraps of fleece and cut them about an inch wide and three inches long. Put them on the bottom of the metal rail those X carts slide into and hold onto it while you slide the cart in over the tops of the fleece. Helps to make a better contact and the “Wiggle Test” shows no more flickering with the ink cart error message.


Hi Mack~

We have done this with small paper wedges, when a cart occasionally doesn’t have a good/tight connection for proper chip read. I’m glad your felt trick is working, but am concerned about static, which could short out the cartridge chips (s) and/or other electrical components in your printer.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana