Why has CC K3 Black Ink Doubled in Price?

I thought: This must be a mistake. Last time I bought 350ml of CC Photo Black it was $65 now it’s $115?

You bought the High Density Photo Black rather than regular Photo Black. The new HD PK you bought is much darker due to extremely high density of carbon and is also much more glossy. We have a limited amount of the previous PK is different sizes.

We also now have an Ultra High Density Matte Black that is more expensive than Epson new black but also 1/3 stop darker than Epson’s. The type of carbon it is produced with is exceedingly expensive and too expensive for Epson to make ink with.

Many of our customers are upgrading their printers to our darker dMax blacks and ending up with systems that are darker than the newest Epson SureColor HD system.

The new HD PK fits into regular ICC profiles - but the new Ultra HD MK will require custom ICC profiling.

Thank you, Jon. Love your ink, by the way. The HD PK is the same product number I always buy and could not find other archival PK on the site. I do alternative process photography (not on paper) and “black hole black” will get lost in the process.

What I was describing to you is the new HIGH DENSITY CCPRO-PK-HD-350 which is more expensive than regular photo black.

So there are now two CC photo blacks:

CCPRO-PK-350 $65.84
CCPRO-PK-HD-350 $115.44

So, when you are looking on the webstore and you are seeing $115 it is because it is not the same ink that you used to buy. This new photo black is much darker and much more glossier. The type of carbon used to make it is very expensive. How to tell is by the SKU# or look for the words High Density.

This is the new High Density Photo Black: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/ConeColor-Pro-ink-350ml-HD-Photo-Black.html

we currently do NOT have any 350ml regular Photo Black in stock but we have 700ml: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/ConeColor-Pro-ink-700ml-Photo-Black.html

or 220ml: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/ConeColor-Pro-ink-220ml-Photo-Black.html

Found it, thank you! I just replaced the cap pump. The black is out but the carts are all low so decided to buy the 350ml 8 ink set instead