White Lines after Init Charge and PiezoFlush attempt to clear out clogs

I’ve run several Ink Charges with PiezoFlush Cart in my R3000. This includes letting them sit for 48 Hours. I’ve also put the paper towel under the print head with piezoflush and let that sit for 24 hours. I’ve also done multiple print cleaning. When i do a test print, all the boxes are pink, but two boxes have horizontal white lines still. I can’t seem to get rid of those. Are these the plugged nozzles? What else can I do? It appears to be tied to LC and LM carts.

Help please. Thanks

Were the white lines present in your nozzle check before the flush?

You may have had some irreparable damage to the head before the flush process.

How long was the printer sitting before being flushed?


it was sitting for a year. how do you get irreparable damage?

Walker, how does irreparable damage occur? Cost to repair?

There are many ways that irreparable damage can occur when a printer sits (dry) for a year. One issue could very well be dried ink in the actual ink vacuum (flush pad and cleaning assembly) that damaged the head by not efficiently (over-all) sucking out during your multiple initial fills.

Can you upload an image of the horizontal white lines though? I want to verify if these are actual nozzles out or not.


Walkier… i tried to upload a pic, but unable to. Can you assist?

Use Safari.

You can also just email me direct on this if that doesn’t work walker at inkjetmall dot com