Which piezo ink most like graphite?

I love my Carbon ink, including its warmth but also knowing it is just carbon, especially on Han. Photo Rag 308.

I have a series of graphite pencil (9B, but applied lightly) that I am going to issue as Edition prints. Which of the other Piezo inks would look the most like the graphite, when printed on Photo rag?

Examples, but iphone shots, not scans:


I would say our warm neutral is most like graphite


Warm? I find the pencil originals appear cool next to my same-size Carbon proof. Walker, I had emailed you a photo of the that comparison (I can’t post the image here) a month or so ago. If I’m going for warm, Carbon is amazing.

Also, what makes the cooler Piezo inks have that tone? Is it just the ‘grind’ of the pigment, or are there other ingredients?

I was looking at getting a proof from Cone in something cooler than my Carbon for comparison, and then deciding if I would want to do my own print editions or have Cone do them (costs more but frees up my time to draw).

graphite is pure carbon so has a warm under-tint. The more soft pencil you use (more translucent) the warmer it will be but when I was running prints in Chicago for artists who were reproducing graphite, I found WN to work best.

Warm Neutral (our Pro version of it from CEP) would be a good place to start IMO. It is cooler than Carbon.


I just re-read the ink pages on IJM. The Special Edition sounds interesting, even if a slight departure from the originals. A print has to be beautiful on it’s own, after all…

Carbon is just the carbon, which is why I love it. How do you pull the warm/cool of the inks?