Which new printer to buy for Cone Color Ink Use?

I listed my Epson Surecolor P-6000 for sale in several different locations today in hopes of downsizing my studio footprint.

Now I am starting to research which smaller format (~17") printer to replace it with and I am starting to realize that there aren’t many options available right now that will work with ConeColor inks…

Can anyone offer any guidance? I would prefer to stay with Epson since I have used its kludgey driver for so long that I am familiar with its quirks but I am willing to learn something new. I’m not opposed to buying a used printer but still not sure which model to look for.

I believe that ConeColor is only designed for Epson printers at this time. If you can find a. Epson SureColor P800, I would suggest that would be a good option for a 17" printer. I have one that I run with the Chipless Solution. That is a software solution that bypasses the cartridge chip issue which will allow 3rd party inks to be used in the printer. I have had my P800 running Piezograhy this way since late 2020 without any problems. The only problem is finding the printer!

Thanks for the info, Keith. They sure are hard to find!

Another option would be the 3800 or 3880, but keep in mind that is older head technology than the P800.

Keith, I finally secured a p800. It may be a bit clogged so I am going to flush it with Piezoflush after I make it chipless.

Do you think the service adjustment program is worth having, or do you think that using power cleanings to flush the old inks is sufficient?

I have not used a service adjustment program. I would highly recommend the Piezoflush. I would run a power clean to expel the existing ink then let it sit for at least 24 hours. After that I’d run a head cleaning followed by nozzle check to verify if the nozzles check out ok. If it needs further cleaning, i’d run another power flush and again let it sit for 24 hours. Compared to ink, Piezoflush is inexpensive, but it takes time to do its job well and will not harm your printer. Good luck with the clipless solution. I’ve had zero issues since I started using it since November 2020.

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