Which 129 step target file to use?

I am ready to print a 129 step target negative for eventual palladium printing. I have a Colormunki that I want to use for linearization. I notice there are 3 different piezoDN targets: Colorport, i1Profiler
and Spyder. I have a Colormunki. Can I use one of the other targets?
I hope I have explained this correctly.
Thank you.

Dear Catherine. We are providing support on the private PiezoDN forum here: http://piezodn.inkjetmall.com/forum/tech-support-forum/

Download the most recent version of PiezoDN and you will see the colormunki target. You will need to use ColorPicker and export as LAB values. This part is not yet documented however this process is documented elsewhere on the internet at NorthLight as well as in the ColorMunki ColorPicker manual.


Thanks, Walker.