When does QTR re-read changed curve files?

My printer, like many (most?) Piezography printers has dead channels. Accordingly, I remapped channels in the curve files, and I mostly got it right. I goofed on one set, though. The goof was obvious once I tried to use the curve, since I got Flush on the print instead of ink. OK, no problem, I fixed the curve file.

My question is: when does QTR re-read that file? It appears that it won’t re-read it again until next boot, although I don’t know if I can perhaps unload the driver and reload it as can be done on some Unix systems. Unfortunately, it is relatively difficult to do a reboot on this system due to a number of VMs running on the same hardware.

Take a look at this document: https://piezography.com/install-delete-quadtonerip-curves/