Wheel marks on larger papers


On my R3000, I’m getting two long lines of marks on my prints (as well as splotches of what looks like dried ink), but only when I use large sheets (13x19, I haven’t tried 11x14). I don’t get them when I use 8x10 or 8.5x11 papers.

These are NOT the pizza wheel marks as far as I know (see photo at link), but looking at the insides of the printer it’s not obvious what’s going on…I don’t see any wheel or rollers where the marks are appearing. I’m using matte paper. I’ve tried placing a box in the output tray to keep the print raised up, but that doesn’t do it.

Anyone have any ideas?



Photos of marks:

This is the head scraping against the paper itself. You need to set the paper feed type to “thick paper” and load from the back feed slot.

Ouch! Thanks Walker. Weird, because this is relatively thin paper…I wonder if the paper is bending? I’ll play with it now that I know what’s causing it.


The paper is indeed bending with the liquid