Wheel Marks_Epson 7880

The rubbing marks are seen on the both sides of the prints as the attachment show. The back side is more apparent and some fine debris of the papers are on the black rail inside. I found that the marks are seen on the loaded and unprinted paper.

Also I use both sheet and roll papers, Canson Baryta Prestige and Photographique. The marks are seen on both types of the papers.

I am wondering how I can manage this issue. If someone can help, I would be very appreciative of it.


First thing is to check your platen gap and change it and test.

Second thing is to look at how your paper is going into the printer. If it is scrapping against the top cover of the printer, unscrew the two screws on either side of the cover (farthest back from the front of the printer) and keep the back of the top of the cover up about 1 1/2 inches (this is what we do when double printing at Cone Editions Press).

Laster, check your rollers and make sure they are clean and not dirty. In general, check all of your printer to make sure it’s clean.

Keep a humidifier and hepa filter running in your studio also.


Thank you for getting back to me.

I tested “wider” and “widest” platen gaps with the letter size same type paper, but once papers go into and come up, they already get the roller/rubbing marks on the back side before starting printing(not seen the mark on the front side.)

I checked that papers don’t scarp again the top cover(I read some of your article on GO.)

Before I started printing with this printer, I slipped the kitchen paper towel soaked wiht Windex and cleaned the roller/rail.

Is this issue on the printer itself or the setting of printer?



Did you test this paper with a sheet as well? This could be something to do with the roll only.

I’m not sure how much I can help here without seeing this in person.


I tested with a sheet as well. The marks are seen slight less, but still there.

Canson Baryta has a smoother and grosser back. I am wondering if those are normal sings on these type of papers.



Thank you for getting back to me

I tested with a sheet as well. The marks are seen slight less, but still there. I don’t think these are unavoidable since the material on the back of these papers, Canson Baryta, is not like raw paper material, but soother/shinier, and easier to get scratches.

I asked the tech guy to take look the printer and the pressure of the lever was adjusted, less pressure, but now the images got blur…slipping

I am wondering how I can manage this issue.



It may be normal on these few papers and this printer. If you test w/ Hahnemuhle photo rag and/or Epson premium luster (standards) I doubt these will back-line like that.