What to do after PiezoFlush

I have an Epson P600 that has been sitting unused for years. PK , MK, LLK, and VM were all very clogged. I ran Piezoflush and let sit for 48 hours. Now the nozzle check patterns are perfect. Changing from PK to MK also is perfect nozzle check. I am not getting pink piezoflush lines though. The pink PiezoFlush lines have not yet appeared.

  1. Can I now just install ink cartridges and start printing? I figure I may get some pink PiezoFlush lines in the pictures at some point so just expect that and keep printing until I am getting all color.
  2. Do I need to keep nozzle checking until I get all pink lines ? and then put in the color cartridges.

Thanks for any information about what to do at this point.
I am using a Mac desktop.