What noises etc are normal for an Epson R3000

I just got to wondering if my new Epson is healthy or not and I wonder if others can chime in on whether the noises and behaviour I’m seeing is normal.

  1. Printer has been started up and used every day for first week or so. Startup sequence from pressing power button is usually brief but yesterday it went through a really prolonged sequence that sounded like some sort of auto cleaning sequence. It went on for ages and sounded at times like it was running through an initial fill. When it finished the yellow ink level on the front LCD had dropped noticeably. I can’t quite remember but I think this might have coincided with me realising after sending a print to the printer that the powered USB hub that the printer is connected to was actually connected to the other mac at which point I plugged the hub back into the correct mac.

  2. Sometimes when the printer starts up I hear a pronounced thump-thump-thump from the right hand side of the printer. Sounds like the paper transport mechanism cycling.

  3. Before and during printing the printer seems to be repeatedly re-pressurising the system for the ink lines. I don’t remember the 3800 doing this nearly so much. It’s as if it has to repeat often and I’m not sure if this is normal or if the printer is sensing a loss of pressure?

  4. The noise mentioned in 3. above sounds like a really ‘cheap’ mechanism. It sounds rougher and louder than when the 3800 does it. Maybe this is normal.

Any feedback appreciated. This could all be perfectly normal in which case great but it all sounds noticeably different to the 3800 despite the similarities between these two models in terms of ink lines and print head etc, so I thought it would be silly not to ask. Hoping any R3000 owners will chime in.

Thanks for any help


O.k I just thought I would ask again if anyone can offer feedback on this?

Many thanks,

Boy, with all our R3000 customers I thought you would get tons of helpful feedback from other users…
I haven’t used our R3000 for a few weeks (it’s in safe storage mode with PiezoFlush in the lines), so will have to fire it up and refresh my memory in order to answer your questions.
It’s great that you are evaluating the printer to make sure it’s in good/normal working condition before switching inks. I believe it’s always best to have a solid base before moving forward in order to minimize the factors and achieve the best end results (this applies to everything in life).

I’ll be back with information ASAP.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:

I have an R3000 and I think what you are describing sounds normal to me for this printer. I also have a 3800 which doesn’t make nearly the same sounds so it’s no wonder you are surprised (as I was a bit too until I realised it just seemed to be it’s normal cycles and that it is functioning well).

Hi Dana and Wattsies,

Thanks. I sort of assumed that maybe the R3000 just isn’t made with such ‘robust’ engineering as the likes of the 3800. Maybe that’s it and it’s normal for this printer.