What looks like "frequency" banding

I am getting what looks like a soft “frequency” related banding on DN using QTR.
PiezographyDN Pro K5, 9900 printer, 2880 uni, all nozzles firing. Tried all platen options plus re-alignment. It occurs when using the Pro Master curve, or my linearized curve.
Only thing I can think of adjusting is the stepping motor feed, but not sure how when using QTR…?
Ruler is metric…

I’ve seen this before, and it turned out to be the paper. Have you tried different paper?

I’m using Pictorico to make negs…

There is one other option I have not tried, the hybrid dither… will test and reply.

I suggest applying for this: Piezography Driver - Piezography


Piezography Driver set up as specified by Walker has solved the “frequency” banding, smooth even gradations so far!! Definitely superior dithering… much obliged, thank you

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