What is meant by the term "locked" for a printhead

It appears the printhead on my R2400 had become deliminated on the Cyan channel. In trying to find a replacement, I keep seeing the term “locked” in the ad’s title. Does anyone know what that means? I like to know before I spend the big bucks for a replacement.

Locked means the head is set for 4 *double channels only. This is for third party printers (Roland, etc).

You need an Epson OEM (original) head. They can be gotten from 4800s and 78/9800s as well.


Thanks for the reply, Walker. That is what I needed to know (I guess). Most of the printheads I see online (from China) say they are “locked”. I have queried one eBayer (US) that has a couple of the printheads but he/she has not yet responded. Thanks for saving me from making a mistake.
I have been looking at picking up either a Epson P400 or P600 to replace my R2400 (which I have had for over a decade & love its prints). Do you have any thoughts on either of these printers when using Piezography?

v/r, Rich

Both are excellent. The P400 will work similar to your 2400. Less ink investment on the front-end but more cleanings in general. The p600 is an AMAZING printer and we built extra large capacity cartridges for this to ensure that no cart runs dry if a chip reset was missed. Both are great. One is more expensive on the front-end than the other (P600 more expensive) but less expensive over the long run.


Thanks, Walker. Now I just need to decide what I want to do. The R2400 printhead that is for sale is an OEM/unlocked version but he wants $650 for it. Epson has a rebate on both the P400 ($150) and P600 ($200) right now making them more appealing. Oh, well…thanks for the help.