What is a best starting curve for new paper?

I have 3880 with long expired Piezography Special Edition inks.
I would like to make curves for my matte and glossy paper.
I have to use “K7-SpecEd-UltraHDMK-MASTER.quad” curve and “K7-SpecEd-PKHD-MASTER.quad” from “Old Legacy Piezography Curves” folder as STARTING CURVE in Pizography Proffesiona 2.2.1.xlsb?
I can use “K7-SpecEd-UHD-ConeType2.quad” for matte paper and “K7-SpecEd-HDPK-EpExhFibre.quad” for luster paper from “Piezography HD K7 Curves” folder?

What is a better starting point?

(printing, colormunki measure, cxf export, xml import, csv conversation, curve smooth and boost is working for me)

I suggest the master curves as your starting point!

warm regards