What do I need to replace?

Hello all. I have an Epson 7800. Bought it very cheap knowing it would need parts. After disassembling the print head I noticed some scorching on the ribbon cable connecting to the print head. I have already tried cleaning the print head and flushing with piezoflush cartridges. Not one drop of ink or piezoflush will feed. To the print head. The dampers are empty. Air pressure seems to work normal. The only thing I can think of is that either the print head is fried or completely blocked. Or the controller is fried and won’t allow the print head to function. I’ll attach some photos. But what should my next step be?

I’ll attach photos later. Apparently I can’t do that from my phone. Any help is much appreciated.

You’ll need to replace the head, head control board, and ribbon cable.


Thanks walker. I did just that this morning. But the bullet and replaced all three things. And still the ink won’t move. There is so air in the lines and the dampers are empty. When I do an init fill. Nothing moves. Dampers are still empty piezoflush will not move into the lines. Air pressure seems good. Any other ideas??

Turn printer off, take ink lines out, take fill plugs out of ink carts, gently suck ink from the ink line (not damper). If it does go there is something in the ink bay that is the problem.

Also clean the cap/flush station. Make sure there is no dried gunk in there.