WF WP-4530 maintenance


I just successfully reset my Epson OEM cartridges and refilled them with DB ink. It takes a while to ease the ink into the bags, and it seems as if they have to be refilled before they read “empty”. A full cartridge has a mass of about 60 g, so I fill the ink bag until it appears visually full, then check the mass. I figure as long as I’m within 5 grams of 60, and I refill them when they get to 1/2 full, I’ll be fine.

Now about the maintenance. I know IJM uses Workforce printers and is big on maintenance, and others are too. On my R3000 it’s easy to open the top, release the head from the capping station, then clean the capping station, and head if necessary. There doesn’t seem to be any really easy access to the capping station for the Workforce Pro printers. Can this be done?



ok, figured it out. It’s just like the R3000, you power up, unplug. You’ll see a white tab move out of the way. There is a thin wiper that can be cleaned also.