Were's the QTR clear clogs tutorial

I’m searching for the tutorial for the QTR and clearing clogs for my Epson 4900. I know it’s somewhere on this forum, but I can’t find it. Can some one post the link.

Much appreciated.


There’s a range of useful information on this page, including the New Piezography Manual and also the Printer Maintenance Instructions:

Jim, the QTR single channel is not as useful for clearing a clog as the INITIAL FILL. Printing really just uses a micro pressure to draw the flush from the cart slowly to the head. Once you do that you can let it sit for 24 hours. BUt then printing it just really slugs it along at a snails pace.

INITIAL FILL is like a sink hole of pressure - like a drain in the middle of a lake that you would not want to paddle your canoe into. Trying to save ink while unclogging a printer may not help in the long run.

If it does not - run the iNITIAL FILL. If it does, you saved a ton of ink!