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Hello everyone. Welcome to our new InkjetMall Forum. This forum is about InkjetMall Products: Piezography, ConeColor, InkThrift, Software, and Refillable Cartridges. This is a forum that we recently migrated from VBulletin (inkjetmall.com/tech). If you had an account on the old forum, it has been ported to the new forum. For security reasons, you must reset your password the first time you log into this new site. Click “Log In” on the top right and then click “Forgot my Password.” This will prompt you for the email or user-name associated with your account and then it will send you a password reset link.

Alternatively, if the email account you have on this site is the same as the email account registered with Yahoo, Google, Twitter, or Facebook, you can easily log in with those services.