Weird alignment problems on old Epson Stylus Pro 9600

I recently acquired an Epson 9600 and started fresh with a new print head, but I can’t get this thing to make clear prints no matter what I try. I’ve run all the alignment sequences half a dozen times, but every print still seems to have its edges printed double, ie, every line is printed twice slightly offset. I have images, but they don’t seem to show up here when I put the html links in this post.
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The color blocks on the alignment prints seem incorrect as well, and don’t look like the ones shown in the Epson service manual. If the patters for the alignment aren’t even right, I don’t see how doing the alignment again will improve anything.
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I also keep getting intermittent ‘no paper’ errors even when fresh paper is loaded. Is there a chance that a paper sensor could be contributing to my woes?

My art business really needs easy access to large high-res printing, but I’m at my wits’ end with this thing. Worse, I’ve yet to find a repair place that will even look at it. Help?

I think what is wrong is that you have a head slant. Do the head-slant test for this (both CR and PF head slant test from the maintenance mode).


Many thanks, Walker. I will check the head slant.
Apparently I have a bubble or clog in my magenta line somewhere, so I’ll need to clear that and then see how the slant test looks. I will update this post when I have the results.