Watercolor effect on out of focus elements


I am currently experiencing a new problem with my 3880 I haven’t been able to solve.

The printer is about a year old.

I use ConeColor Pro pigment inks. I use Red River UltraPro Satin 3.0 paper. I make my own profiles with a ColorMunki.

If I print a photo without any profile and let the printer handle the colors, the results are disastrous:

If I print Color Munki charts, they print fine

But if I apply the profile in photoshop and soft proof, out of focus elements in the bokeh become weird, like the ink is dripping and creating watercolor spots.

The print comes out identical to the soft proof.

I have re-made the profiles twice. The print heads aren’t clogged when I test.

I don’t know what’s going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like you may have put ink in the wrong cartridge.

Possible Light Black in the Light Light Black channel.

Do a nozzle check and verify this against google images of 3880 nozzle checks.


It’s not impossible I may have done that mistake.

I have a 2 weeks old baby, we moved in a new house a month ago and nights are short, so yeah, I may have done that.

I compared a nozzle check and indeed it looks somewhat different.


So I guess I should empty both, refill, and do a couple cleaning cycle to clean the pipes?

Just switch the controller chips and OEM chips so the carts switch places without emptying the ink, and then print some flush images to purge the two lines.



Also, congrats on the baby!

[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;11641]Just switch the controller chips and OEM chips so the carts switch places without emptying the ink,


Sorry, I don’t follow that part.

Controller chips?

Only chips I have are the OEM one I transferred from the OEM cart on the ConeINK ones.

I don’t always wait until the cartridge is fully empty before filling, so its likely Light Light Black and Light Black are mixed in equal parts in both cartridge.

The controller chips are the chips that go on top of the OEM chips on the cart.

So I successfully flushed LK and LLK lines.

Now I have problems with PK. Clogged and won’t away after multiple purges and cleaning cycles.

During the flushingprocess with QuadTone I mistakenly chose “Matte Paper” in the media type which may have caused an ink change to MK? I have never used MK since I acquired the printer 2 years ago, the original OEM cartridge is still there. I switched back to Photo Paper and specified Photo Ink in the black ink dropdown list, but the damage seems to be done. PK is halfway clogged in tests or when I print flush images.

I don’t have a Piezo flushing kit on hand to try. Is there something else I can do before I resort to this?

I did one Power cleaning cycle through the printer control panel and then 3 regular cleaning cycles and voila! PK is back.

Woah that was scary.

Speaking of which, what maintenance should I be doing on this 3880 to prolong its life? I had an extended warranty Im thinking of using.