Waste Ink Tank


Does IJM sell an external waste ink system, that will fit the R3000? If not, could someone recommend a good source for one? Thanx.



Well, this item is listed under accessories for the R3000:


Does the IJM model come with a ‘Y’ adapter, to join the two waste lines in the R3000? or. would I need to purchase two units?



I use the IJM model on a R3000. One unit is all you need.


I have an IJM model waste bottle here, along with another unmentionable brand. To clarify the previous comment, the tubing in the IJM one is dual tubing, i.e. two tubes joined together. The paired tubing has been separated slightly at either end, so that you can attach it to the two printer tubes, and at the other end to insert into the [B]two[/B] holes in the top of the bottle. This is not clear from the photo on the website, but is a little clearer if you click on the link to the PDF of the instructions.


Thanks all, for the info. You supplied what i needed.