Waste ink bottle kit installation


How do you get the supplied clear tubes into the grey epson tubes?
It looks easy on the video & printed instructions but I can’t slide it in more than about 1/8 inch.
I’ve tried mildly heating the tubes with an hair dryer - no luck because ofcourse they both soften.
Do you use a lubricant of sorts? Or something rigid in-between the 2 tubes like the piece on the printer where the tubes connect?

Please share photo.


I inserted the tube as far as i could as described in my post. Then closed up the printer because i needed to make a print last night. Hopefully it’ll hold together & not leak at the connection point !

I wondered if it’d make more sense for the grey epson drain tube to fit inside a clear extension tube to the bottle. Rather than the opposite way it fits now? Or for there to be a rigid ‘adapter’ to insert.

Not much to see in a photo, but if it’s necessary i’ll re-open the printer.