Waste Ink Bottle Installation

I’m trying to install the waste ink bottle into my R2880. The accompanying directions show how it’s done on an R2400. I removed the screws for the back panel, but the R2880 doesn’t have the same tab arrangement as the R2400 on the side of the printer. I don’t want to use force to remove the side panel, so I’m stuck at the moment.

Can anyone advise me on how to remove the side panel?


Have you tried to Google on this? There is a competing supplier of waste ink bottle kits in the UK that has very good instructions, and there are also a number of videos around. The 2400 is a little different to other printers, but the 1900/2000/2880 are pretty much all the same, and I think even the 3000 is fairly similar. Perhaps also the 1430.

You need to use a bit of force to get the side panel off the 2880, using a small flat head screw driver starting under at the bottom rear works best for me, prying in an upward motion. You may break a tab or 2, that is ok, there are other tabs that will still hold the panel on without any complications. There is no way to avoid this, using patience and your flat head screw driver you should be able to successfully remove the panel.

OK…thanks, Kelly!