Waste ink bottle installation -Epson 1430

Some time ago I purchased an ink waste bottle to use on an Epson 1400. I didn’t install it right away and before I could it quit working because the ink reservoir was full. Fast forward: I now have an Epson 1430 and following the video on waste bottle installation, I have removed the appropriate parts of the case. In contrast to the video showing two tubes to attach, the 1430 only has one tube. Do I just use one tube or is there another tube hidden somewhere else?

use one tube.


Thank you for your help!

Well, now I have a bigger problem. The waste tank install went well and since I hadn’t used the printer in a while I decided to clean it. I followed the video on Epson small format printer maintenance, using your PiiezoFlush fluid, including using the adapter and squeezing fluid through the print heads. Ran the nozzle check and got nothing printed. i’ve seen some posts about vacuum issues and so loaded the printer with brand new Epson cartridges not the refillable ones. Still no print at all (save some very faint dark illegible marks) from the nozzle check or printing an all black text document. Have run the nozzle cleaning utility several times and still no print at all. The print utility shows acceptable ink levels although several show less than full cartridges even though they are all unused. What have I done?

I should add that the printer feeds paper and the print head goes back and forth like it thinks it is printing. To the extent I could check there is no paper towel material stuck under the print head.