Warm LLK

a month ago i’ve loaded the LLK Cone Pro Ink in my 9900. (PK, MK and LK are still originals.)
I’ve bought the ink trough the european reseller, inkjetsolution.eu.

After a while I’ve noticed that my black and white prints came slightly warmer than the usual.
However I can still correct that with a custom profile.

Is it normal that the Cone Pro LLK is warmer than the Epson?

here attached the readouts from a QTR calibration chart with ink limit at 80% on Epson Enhanced Matte
Cone-LLK-LAB.txt (421 Bytes)

Best regards,

Hi Roberto,

Our inks are slightly different than Epson inks, although similar in Lab values, they are not exact. Some users will not notice a difference and be perfectly happy printing with their current profiles. Other users, the more advanced, will notice slight differences and have to adjust with a custom profile.

We all know there are many variations that play a role in color shifting, ie. OS, PS version, Printer model, print driver version, paper, inks. Every time any of the variations change you can see changes in output, we always recommend Custom Color Profiling in these circumstances to keep your system printing accurately.

By the way, the Lab values you supplied don’t make sense, you need to print the Ink Separation Image using QTR Calibration Mode, 2880 dpi, 100% ink limit and measure ONLY the 80% patch and supply ONLY 3 values, LabL, LabA, LabB.


Hi Kelly,

As you requested:

LabL 56,19
LabA 1,01
LabB 6,70

Are normal values? For LLK

Best regards,

P.S. The white point of my “Epson Enhanced Matte” is:
L 96.58
a 0.54
b 2.49

Hi Roberto,

These values are actually very similar to Epson’s lab values:

Lab_L 55.79
Lab_A .33
Lab_B 5.02

Slight Difference in B value, making yours a little more to the cyan side. This can be easily corrected with a icc Profile.

The other values are within a normal range and shouldn’t cause a noticeable shift in color.
Kindly, Kelly

Hi Kelly

I am totally agree no problem with color.
B&W slightly warmer is the question.
And I haven’t changed yet PK (MK)/LK

Anyway thanks for the support I will keep you informed!

Regards Roberto

Hi Roberto,

The Lab_L values only differ by .40 which is not a tremendous difference, so I don’t think this is where you are seeing the “warmth”. Your eye is detecting that difference in the Lab_B value, giving it a slightly “warmer” appearance, does this make sense?

Lab_L is Density
Lab_A +Magenta/-Green
Lab_b +Yellow/-Cyan

Even the blacks have color values, not just density values. SO, you are seeing a “warmth” due to the difference in Lab_B value being more Cyan then Epson.