VM quit printing on 7880



Hello and thanks for sponsoring this forum. My 7880 VM channel recently quit printing luckily (I guess) at the very end of a print job. I’ve used the PZ Flush kit to clean the capping station, parking station and wiper blade, also soak and polish the print head, run manual and auto nozzle checks, but have not had any success with getting anything to print. Other channels print an excellent manual nozzle check pattern. I’ve looked for air bubbles but have not seen any in the line. I have also tried re-priming the VM cart and ink flows into the syringe with a normal pull of the plunger. I also did a second cleaning under the hood, but no success. I now have ordered a VM PZ Flush cart to clean out the channel. I am wondering if it would be cost effective to purchase the Quad Tone Rip to selectively flush only the VM channel, or to just go ahead and do a complete INITI Fill with all the inks. Would anyone have any advice on this? I’m running the printer from a Mac Mini OSX 10.6. Thanks very much for any advice. Appreciate that this forum is available.


I would not suggest printing from QTR or any program with nozzles that are clogged. This can short them out.

You most likely need to replace the damper that goes into the print-head. This can get air-locked and over time will also clog. The internal epson documents say this part needs to be replaced every two years. We replace this every year with our printers at IJM and so far have run our 7880s for 8 years straight.

Do a google search for “epson 9880 field repair guide” for documentation on this procedure. compassmicro.com sells the dampers.



Thanks very much, Walker, for your advice. Should I still do a INIT Fill on the VM channel? And then replace the damper? Or just replace the damper? Love this printer, so want to get it back in shape! Thanks again. Jude


After replacing the damper I suggest doing 2 maintenance cleanings.

If this does not fix the problem there is something wrong further up the line in the ink-bay area. Every once and a while an o-ring in the ink-bay can get miss-aligned. It is usually the damper though.