VM drips when removed from printer

Is it considered normal for a cart to drip when removed from the printer? Nozzle checks are all good, and only a slight pool of VM just beside the manifold nipple of the VM cart. There is no large pool, nor is there any dripping inside the printer.

I already ordered a new VM cart just in case it gets worse.


Hi Larry~

It is normal for some ink to be on/around the nipple of the printer when the cartridge is removed, but I’ve never experienced any sort of “pool” of ink. Does ink drip from the cartridge when removed from the printer? The fact that your nozzle checks are good makes me feel that the cartridge is providing good ink flow, so must have a good seal with the printer. Please keep me posted if this continues or becomes a problem.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding Dana,

The cartridge is definitely giving good ink flow. It drips onto the floor if I take it out to refill or shake. For now, it’s mostly a nuisance. I purchased a replacement cartridge in case it got much worse.


Hmmm… it shouldn’t be dripping when removed form the printer- I wonder if the exit valve is stuck open?

Keep me posted.
Best~ Dana

Is it possible to visually check the exit valve?


I did notice that when I removed my VM tonight to refill, I inserted the air vent plug while it was out of the printer. Nothing dripped until I removed the fill plug and then it started to drip and made my hand look like I had cut myself badly! (Can’t wait to show my wife… sympathy points??? Probably just get stupidity point instead!) Anyway, once I inserted both plugs again, the dripping stopped. I can manage with that as long as it doesn’t affect the function of the printer. I’ll let you know if it gets worst, but at least the cart seems to seal well enough on the manifold.