VLM refillable cartridge with internal leakage



Hello, I just received my refillable cartridge set for the Epson 3880. I followed the online instruction video and successfully filled the first cartridge but I had some issues trying to prime the second cart, VLM. The cart was filled with 70ml and I attempted to prime it from the side port with the orange cap still on but I was getting air bubbles and the ink seemed to go in places that appear empty in the other carts so I assume there is some type of internal leak. I went ahead and emptied to cartridge but there is still some ink inside that cannot be removed. Can this be exchanged? Thanks


Can you please send me a photo or two showing the VLM cart that you had difficulty priming?

As per our written instructions, we recommend priming by using the priming tip attached to the syringe tip, inserted thru the exit valve with the cartridge sitting upright.
Let me give you some background info, to clarify why there are two different priming procedures for the 3800/3880 carts. When we first got these carts, the manufacturer’s (limited) instructions said to prime the carts thru the exit channel side port (as demonstrated in our video), which worked pretty well. Around the same time, we were testing many other carts (we are constantly researching + testing- to ensure we have the best available products on the market), and have always known about the importance of priming carts before installing for the best ink flow. We discovered the priming tips that go on the end of a slip-tip syringe while working with other model carts, and tested this tool/procedure on the 38xx carts as well. We feel this priming tool/method is easier, quicker, and has less chance of a possible ink mess- so updated the written instructions and began including the priming tips with the carts. We have not yet had time to update our video, and although it can be a bit confusing that our video and written instructions don’t have the same priming procedure, both procedures do work well and either can be used, but we do plan to (as soon as we have the time) update the video to match the written instructions priming procedure.

Please let me know so I can help.
Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Ok there should be two images attached, I assume the ink is not supposed to be in the four rectangular pockets so I did not attempt to use this in the printer. I will use the slip tips to prime the rest of the carts. Thanks for the clarification on the priming methods!

Thank you Dana


Dana, is the cartridge exchangeable?


Thanks for the photos. No, ink shouldn’t be in the four center or bottom corner rectangle areas, as these areas are part of the air pressure channel. It may be possible with the cartridge on the side and orange plug over the air inlet point, while priming the cartridge thru the side port, a vacuum was created because the air inlet point was plugged, and that caused back pressure which sucked ink backwards into the air channel…
Either way, keep the chip from the cart to keep on hand (just in case you may need it in the future), and we’ll send you a replacement cartridge. Please remove the orange cap from the air inlet point and prime carts upright using the syringe and priming tip thru the exit channel.

Let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything else we can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you very much! Is there anything else I need to do, or just mail the cart back?


You’re welcome. No, I don’t need to inspect the cartridge, you can just discard it.