VLM & LC Nor recognized on R3000

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions.

The R3000 can get a little twitchy when pulling these cartridges (after the printer has sent the “end cartridge” command which resets the cartridge on these ARC chips). When I pull carts on this printer I generally will pull the cartridge and then immediately put it back into the printer and verify that it has been reset to full. Then I will pull it back out and top it off.

I hope we got you your replacement chips in time. I’m sorry for the no reply. This comment had been buried by sub sub categories in the previous forum back in '16.


I just purchased new set of chips because VLM and LC cartridges were not recognized. I now have the new ones installed I get the same message. Any suggestions or is the Epson R3000 got smarter and is rejecting these chips forever?