VLM IJM Cartridge Not Detected

I’m replacing my 3880’s cartridges as the OEM ones are close to empty. I replaced the VLM today and it was not detected by the printer. I put the OEM chip back atop the OEM cartridge and should have enough ink in it for a week or so, but I’m pretty sure this is caused because one of the 3 pins on the supplied LM cartridge is much shorter than the other 2 and I don’t believe it’s making contact with the OEM chip. Could you recommend an alternative solution or send me a replacement reset chip for VLM?

The 3rd pin on the reset chip is close to (a bit of a guess) .5 mm shorter than the others and I don’t see how it could be making contact with the OEM chip. Could you please send a replacement VLM reset chip?


Hi Steve, another thing to check is the OEM chip and ensure it’s actually for VLM carts and not just LM. LM won’t work (in my experience) with the reset chip (they may on the original Epson carts).

I appreciate your reply. The OEM chip is definitely coming from a T580B VLM OEM Cartridge and until I have the IJM cartridge working, the chip is back in the Epson cartridge where it’s working fine (but down to just a few percent of ink remaining). I haven’t fount information but if I knew the electrical characteristics I should see (resistance, open/short) across the OEM contacts, is there a way to check those on the OEM & reset chips to help isolate the problem?

Is there a way to tell by looking at the chip what cartridge it’s intended for? I’ve heard the numbers are, for our purposes, random numbers. If there is a way to tell, this one is labeled F22855.

I’m thinking that because it appears the reset chip can’t make contact with the OEM chip (due to the short pin) that my problem is in the reset chip. But I appreciate your suggestion and if you have a follow-up I’ll gladly check it out.


Hi Steve

Sorry can’t answer the questions below. I think the F’n’ is relevant, but I’m not sure in what way. I haven’t done any electric testing or research, so can’t answer.

I can only relate my experience: I recently had a similar sounding problem when changing my carts which took some days to resolve. It turned out that the printer is very picky about all elements being exactly correct before allowing you to proceed. The OEM chip plus the reset chip provided by IJM must be in line: where my system went out of wack was because the reset chip was for a LM cart, and not VLM. I only picked this up by chance. Each chip supplied by IJM is labeled. The error generated by the printer seemed to be spurious, wasn’t consistent and certainly unhelpful in finding a solution.

BTW, there are very detailed technical support 3880 manuals you can download from the web.

Good luck!

It has been my experience when there appears to be a short pin on the chip reseter which can sometimes happen when attempting to reset a cart chip; you can use a needle nose pliers (or a tweezers) to gently pull the pin back into place. Just keep an eye out for when it happens repeatedly. Hope this addresses your problem as I understand it.

Sorry for the late reply.

We will get you a new 3880 VLM control chip. it should go out today.