VLM cartridge not recognized by printer

I just ordered a set of cartridges and ink back in Dec for my R3000. I have used it to do enough printing that I have had to refill some already. I went to use my printer this weekend and it is telling me the VLM cartridge is not recognized and will not print. I have tried removing and re installing the cartridge and it has not worked. What is the fix for this? Is this what happens when the battery goes bad?


Hi Brandon~

I will send you new batteries, as I suspect that’s the cause to your problem. Chip replacement instructions can be found here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/wordpress/product-use/r3000-cartridge-batteries/

Please let me know how everything goes when you receive the new batteries, if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Dana do they have chips that do not use batteries?


We have some new chips that don’t have batteries, and there are pros and cons to them in my opinion. After replacing the batteries, you should have great results with these carts and chips for about a year or more.


Thanks Dana,
I will replace the batteries when they get here. Can you please tell me the pros and cons to the chips with out batteries? I would like to be able to decide if I would like to get them in the future.


The battery chips are good because they can be manually reset, which I personally prefer because I typically refill carts before they’re empty (and want the chip read to match the physical ink level), or when I want to do an initial fill to flush a printer, the cartridge chips need to read full in the printer, and I don’t want to have to use a new set of chips every time I need to flush a printer.
The non-battery chips are nice because you don’t have to deal with batteries needing to be replaced, but can’t be manually reset.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

Dana the battery fixed my issue. That is a bit of a pain to change with so I have one more question about the chips with no battery. If they cannot be manually reset as you say above how do you reset them? What is the process when refilling to reset them.
I’m thinking about ordering a set and change them out as these go dead.

I’m glad the new battery did the trick, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

The non-battery chips reset automatically when the ink level reads empty, the cart is removed, refilled + reinserted. Upon reinsertion, the chip will be reset to read full. The removal + reinstallation of the cart when the chip reads empty is what prompts the auto reset- so if the cart isn’t refilled at this point, the printer will think it’s full, even though it’s not, and you will run out of ink.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

I have just refilled all the cartridges in the R3000 flashed Printer Error, turn off then on printer.. Tried several cycles, the same message. Installed a set of EPSON cartridges, no problem.

Your cartridgess were purchased in Dec 2014, installed followed by one refill after the initial fill all worked well. This problem appeared after the second refill.