Video showing r3000 cart filling


Somewhere on the (very badly organized) IJM site there is a video of you showing how to load the R3000 refillable carts. I need to see it again but can’t find it. Please direct me to it.


If you can find the product itself you can easily find the video. It’s on the instructions tab of the product. If you can not find the product you can look in a number of places. Probably the easiest is to look under the ConeColor or Piezography menus and click on “Empty Refillable Cartridge Systems” then look for R3000 printer. Whenever you can not find a product you can always enter its SKU in the Search box. Or you can enter the model number (R3000) and the products come up pretty quickly. We keep the instructions very close to the item.

Thanks Jon. My new R3000 is now loaded with flush carts, and I’m preparing to load the K7 carts after ridding the system of the OEM color. As you pointed out elsewhere, flushing the R3000 carts on a Mac is a challenge. So, I’ve purchased Parallels and Windows 7 to take advantage of the software that allows for a simpler flushing technique. My impression was that it was available on the site, but I’m unable to find it there. Could you or Dana provide a pointer?

Much appreciated.


Hi Harry~

If you go to and search for “Epson R3000” it will bring up 3 items related to this printer model, you want the Adjustment Program ($19.99):

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile: